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CoLearning Membership


End The Struggle.  CoLearn At CLASS!

Getting a child to focus on lesson work at home can be challenging. It's hard to compete with toys, technology, ​unruly siblings, pets, and all that fun calling from the yard outside. The constant battle for a child's attention can be exhausting.

Not everyone has the space available to create an ideal learning environment at home. Even learning pods struggle to find the perfect place to house members and conduct class.  Lack of physical space is a real limiting factor for many. 

Homeschooling can be lonely.  No one wants their child to miss out on socialization.  Whether homeschooling or not, finding social balance is tough and requires great effort...effort that's often hard to come by as a parent.

Kudos to those of you finding success in your homeschooling journey against the odds.  As for the rest: we're just like you, and that's why we created CLASS. 


We present you the answer to your current homeschooling conundrum:

The CLASS CoLearning Membership. Now you can get the space, community, and support you need to make homeschooling work for you.

How It Works

  • For K-6 aged students only (for now)

  • Bring your own curriculum and supplies. 

  • Come and go as needed during CoLearning hours.

  • Take advantage of classroom, office suite, & lounge amenities.

  • Homeschool alongside new friends.

  • Manage your membership and payments online.

  • Receive 25% off CLASS programs.

On-Site Amenities

  • Complete office suite with printer, copier, and basic supplies

  • CoLearning stations with modular tables and seating

  • Classroom projector and portable whiteboards

  • Lounge area with sofa and tables

  • XL area rugs with floor cushions

  • Supplemental resource library

  • Dedicated personal lockers for long term storage

  • MEMBER COLEARNING HOURS:  Monday-Friday 10:30-3:00pm​​​​




    • Includes full-time access during member hours

    • Covers one parent guardian + one child

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      Fill out the application below to get started.

                     WELCOME TO CLASS!

This form is intended for individual families. Members of learning pods, micro-schools, and other groups:                Please visit our RENTALS page to explore whether a private CLASS rental may fit you best.

YAH! Submitted! Talk soon!


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